SoyMetDB: The soybean metabolome database

Trupti Joshi 1,2,3, Qiuming Yao 1,2, Levi D. Franklin 1,2, Laurent Brechenmacher2,3,4, Babu Valliyodan2,3,4, Gary Stacey 2,3,4, Henry Nguyen 2,3,4, Dong Xu 1,2,3

1 Digital Biology Laboratory, Department of Computer Science;

2 Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center;

3 National Center of Soybean Biotechnology;

4 Division of Plant Sciences;

University of Missouri, Columbia, MO 65211-2060, USA

About Us

The SoyMetDB is a metabolomics database for soybean, developed to target the growing needs of the soybean community. The goal is to store, integrate and mine the metabolomics data in an efficient manner allowing the visualization of the expressions across different experiments as well as across different plant species like Arabidopsis.


The funding support from United Soybean Board for the project 8236 Construction of proteome and metabolome maps of soybean to improve yield and value-added traits to the authors HN, GS and DX is greatly acknowledged.

This research was also funded by grants from Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council, MSMC #306 and the National Science Foundation, Plant Genome Program, #DBI-0421620.


Trupti Joshi, Qiuming Yao, Levi D. Franklin , Laurent Brechenmacher, Babu Valliyodan, Gary Stacey, Henry Nguyen, Dong Xu. SoyMetDB: The soybean metabolome database. Manuscript in Preparation.